Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photography Madness

Ok so I went a bit camera mad at the end of last week. I have been tossing up whether to get a Polaroid camera for a very long time. The pictures look amazing and I love that it's instantaneous but the instant film is rare and very expensive. Now what I am about to tell you isn't new news (although it is to me).

After having a good look through Photojojo and visiting an old post on toy cameras by Elise of A Beautiful Mess, I discovered The Impossible Project. They are a company that bought an old Polaroid Production plant and decided to keep the film production going for these classic cameras but with new materials. Once I had discovered this I decided I would go for it - I was going to get a Polaroid camera!

I found a traditional Polaroid One-Step 600 on amazon and bought it. I am already in love with it!! I love the "old school" look of them.

I didn't stop there though. I bought a whole lot of Impossible Instant Film of Photojojo. I much prefer the white border but I did get one pack of black borders; just to see what they are like.

And I bought one more thing - a good old fashion analogue camera from Poketo. It is the cutest little thing and takes wide-angle shots with super saturated colours and a lovely tunnel effect.

I won't get them for a few weeks as some of the places above don't ship overseas so my lovely aunty who lives in Arizona, will be forwarding them onto me. I can't wait to share them when they arrive (and the pictures they take of course!!)

Rhiannon xxx


  1. Cool! I recently bought an instax mini, but have been contemplating getting a polaroid sx-70 off ebay. Apparently they have a manual focus. I just bit the bullet and also bought the Diana f+ package to accompany my holga and analogue obsessions. Those wide angle shots look really neat.

  2. My first choice was the instax mini but they were just too small for me, I wanted the orignal size. I'm so jealous of the Diana f+ package!! That and the Holga is still on my list of camera's to buy. I just love the surprise of analogue cameras; you never quite know what kind of photo your going to get! :D xx

  3. Omg I've wanted a poloroid cam for ages but I thought they didnt sell them anymore! where can I get one??

  4. I got mine off Ebay and am getting it sent to my Aunty in the states, where my uncles is visiting and bringing it back for me lol. Otherwise, check TradeMe. There are some old ones on there, but its a bit of a hit and miss whether they work or not. Most people don't have any film to check.