Tuesday, July 26, 2011

365 Project - week 29

Last week I did a post on how my 365 project is going; and it wasn't going too well so I made a plan. Number five on my plan was to do a weekly post of photos and I am staying true to that plan so welcome to the first week of 365 photos.

200/365 - Sals Pizza was for dinner. So delicious

201/365 - I finally got a decent(ish) photo of my wee kitty Spaz. I love her to pieces

202/365 - The most delicious vege club sandwich for lunch.

203/365 - My newest addition to my Doc Marten collection. These are my absolute favourite. You might recognise them from here. I finally found them a few weeks ago in a random little shop and there was one size left in my size in New Zealand. Talk about meant to be!

204/365 - I had a art journal date with my two lovelies on the Saturday gone. We always include a bowl of lollies to nibble on while creating

205/365 - A fantastic mosaic at a cafe Dan and I went to for our Sunday breakfast

206/365 - A mean couch made out of old jeans! Wicked
Rhiannon xxx

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  1. your kitty is so, so sweet; love your new shoes!; would love to have an art journal date with friends; amazing couch!