Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fantastic Weekend // Part One

I had the most fun weekend last week and i wanted to share a few pictures. It was full of shopping, creating, fighting [the competitive kickboxing kind], soy banana bran muffins, and coffee of course.

I spent the most of Saturday with two of my closest friends. The initial idea was to start our sketchbooks for the sketchbook project but it ended up being mainly shopping [something I haven't done in quite a while]. Alyssa and I went to Dressmart which is a place that has end of season clothes at discounted prices. It takes a keen eye to find anything good but there are some worthwhile deals there.

Alyssa tried on the cutest beanie!

I ended up buying a new beanie for winter, the most amazing leopard print fluffy coat, two singlets [the essentials] and some dry shampoo.

new beanie - i love it even thought i don't look too impressed here :P
After we got back from our shopping spree [and my pocket feeling quite a lot lighter], Louise got back from her outing and she had bought some delicious little baked Asian goodies and we had an impromptu tea party with grapefruit juice. YUM!


Then it was down the business - after our belly's were full with pastry we sat down and started to draw. Louise hasn't got her sketchbook yet but Alyssa is already on her 4th page! Both of these lovey ladies are animators and have amazing drawing skills. Louise decided to sketch me while Alysssa and I were getting engrossed in our sketchbooks.

After this, I had to head home to get ready for a Kickboxing tournament that me and Dan were going to that night. The rest of the weekend will be in Part Two tomorrow :)
Rhiannon xxx

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