Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friday's Feature Artist // Natalie Malik

Today marks the start of an exciting new weekly series. Welcome to the very first...

Meet Natalie Malik (aka Natty); a 22 year old Starbucks barista in Texas. When she isn’t whipping up mouthwatering coffees, she is creating colourful art journal pages. Natty was kind enough to answer a few questions about her art journaling and her fantastic blog; Awkward and Beautiful

Mrs. White

Her work has been a big inspiration from me and I have learned so many new ideas for designing art journal pages and new techniques. Natty has also had the honour of writing for Stampington & Company's magazine "Art Journaling" (twice).

Natty has just had her blog redesigned by Freckled Nest so make sure you have a good look around; it looks fantastic! [if I do say so myself hehe]

 What do you usually journal about?
Most of the time, I'm rooting myself on, telling myself to keep going. Of course, I love journaling my lists as well, and sometimes I'll share some personal stories, but those entries tend to have illegible handwriting to keep it private.

Five Minutes/Try

 What are your favourite materials and techniques to use?
I like to cycle through my materials from time to time, so right now I'm really getting back into old book pages, tissue paper, and watercolours. I'm always using washi tape and my acrylic paints. Right now I'm trying to perfect my minimalist layering technique, and trying to stray away from heavily painted backgrounds.

The Paint!

Where do you get inspiration from? I'll find inspiration while looking for materials in Etsy, also from amazing photo shoots in catalog magazines. Another great inspiration comes from looking for textures and graphics for Photoshop.


How often do you journal?
It depends. Sometimes it'll take me a week to create one page, but then next week I'll make 2 or 3 pages in one sitting. My work schedule can affect my mood to journal.

How Can I Be Better?

What are some of your favourite blogs to visit?
Right now, I'm really enjoying:

Have you done any e-courses? If you have, what was your favourite?
I've actually just launched a new e-course, called In The Sun, which is free, and will last until this September! Other than that, I've only done one e-course so far, and that was the first session of 21 Secrets with Connie Hozvicka. I taught the art of typography, and how to use it in the art journal. The students were amazing!

When and why did you decide to start a blog?
I really wanted to start a blog when I started reading A Beautiful Mess, but I actually sat down and made one when I was taking Kelly Kilmer's A Prompt A Day e-course and she encouraged to share the pages on our blogs. So Awkward & Beautiful was created! 

Do you have any future plans for your art journaling or your blog?
I have some ideas for the future, maybe a PDF art journal class, some new features on the blog... who knows? ;)

Don't Lose Inspiration

What is your favourite kind of coffee?
You just had to ask a barista, didn't you? Ha! I always recommend a White Mocha, whether it's a latte or frappuccino. It's good for any sweet tooth. But most of the time I'll make myself a Soy Marble Mocha (dark chocolate and white chocolate mixed together) Frappuccino with whip cream and Mocha drizzle. YUM.

The Energy!

What is your favourite TV series?
I'm totally obsessed with Bones right now! I really want to sit down and watch Chuck as well.

White, Milk or Dark chocolate?
All of the above!

What is one [weird] fact about yourself that very few people know?
Well, only my friends and family know this, but I'm a total anime nerd. I just finished re-watching a series called Trigun, and am currently watching Full Metal Panic. It's a little embarrassing, but it's just too good!

I want to thank Natty for taking the time to do this little interview- it was a lot of fun!
Make sure you check out her other pages also (so much inspiration):

Hope you all enjoyed my first "Friday Feature Artist", I already have more lined up for Fridays to come, and I would love to hear what you think about todays interview with Natty
Rhiannon xxxx

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