Thursday, June 02, 2011

Blog's First Anniversary!


I can't believe it's been a whole year today since i started this blog. Man, how time flies! I have just spent the last hour searching though my previous posts and reminiscing. It's quite fun to see how my writing and posts have developed though - for the better I like to think.

I originally started this blog with the intention of sharing just my course work, but it has developed into so much more. I have found myself sharing posts about myself and things that I love. I have also found that I am using this as a place to record and share inspiration. I am having so much fun coming up with new posts and sharing my art, inspiration and being able to meet new friends.

This date is actually quiet exciting for another reason too - it marks the official end of my course at The Learning Connexion and I am happy to announce...


I am so incredibly happy - passing this course was very important to me. I only graduated high school with a Level 1 NCEA Qualification (I left when I was about 16 so I didn't sit any higher qualifications). This had always played on my mind though because I know I am smart, and know how to do a lot of things that others my age still can't do but I never had a piece of paper that said so. Now I have a Level 4 Certificate in Arts and Creativity - It has given me such a confidence boost!

In celebration of this first year I have listed my top 5 favourite posts from the last year (in no particular order). Hope you enjoy flicking through them :)
  1. A new beginning [June 2010]
  2. A day of photos [Jan 2011]
  3. Creative struggles [Mar 2011]
I have big plans for this blog (including a full redesign) and I have so many fantastic ideas for upcoming posts. I can't wait to share them.

In the mean time, I thought it would be the appropriate time to upload my latest header so that will be up by tomorrow - I'm digging pinks and purples at the moment.
And don't forget tomorrow is 'Friday's Feature Artist'. Check out the inspiring interview with Natty Malik of Awkward & Beautiful from last week.

Rhiannon xxx

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