Monday, June 27, 2011

Art on the go

The last two weekends, my friends and I have done 'art days'. It's been so much fun art journaling together. All three of us are taking part in Natty Maliks In The Sun e-course so we thought, why not have an 'In The Sun' art day. The first weekend we got very sidetracked and ended up playing Little Big Planet 2 on PlayStation instead. But the Saturday just gone, we were determined to actually do some work and we did! Here are a few fun photos from those two dates with my girlies.

First Weekend
The lovely Alyssa and Louise
Me and Louise waiting for our burgers [NOMNOM]
Lyssa and Me
Zeus giving Louise lots of kisses while she is trying to be productive
Zeus then moved on to get smooches from Alyssa
LOLLIES!! [and paint]

Second Weekend

The arty day started with painting our nails: a must!
Deciding that 3pm was a fantastic time to grab a coffee, we popped down to the local Siera Cafe
Then it got cold.... Alyssa's warm new scarf, my beanie and cuddly jumper. I love snugggling up
Rhiannon xxx

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