Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet Zeus

I have two amazing cats and I haven't really mentioned them so far on my blog so I thought it was time for an introduction. Zeus was the second addition to our little family. Meet Spaz here.

Zeus was the absolute cutest kitten I have ever seen. He came to us from Rotorua (about 4 hours from Auckland) from a well known breeder. My partner was humming and haring about whether to get this kitten for quite a while as we already had Spaz, but with a little nudging and words of encouragement [from me] we decided to get him. The main reason he wanted to get this particular cat was because it is the largest of domestic cats: the Maine Coon.

Originally his name was going to be Hercules but we found out that his father was called Hercules so decided to take it up a notch to Zeus. And he absolutely deserves the name...

We weren't able to go to Rotorua and bring him home ourselves but we did pick him specifically from the rest of the litter. He was so little when we got him, but his ears and feet were huge. His whiskers were all chewed off from play fighting with all the other kittens. So adorable [and notice below the little water dribble on his chin?]

He really was the cutest, fluffiest kitten. He loved to hide and jump out at you when you were least expecting it and then he would scuttle off. And he has such a good nature; he doesn't bite and he let's you pretty much do anything you want.

Zeus's massive poofy tail seemed to appear overnight! And so did his appetite - he would eat absolutely anything. He has eaten peas, potato, chocolate, fish, beef and he still loves bread. We personally think that Zeus may actually want to be a dog.

And here he is now; in all his mighty-ness at 2 ½ years old. He is still a very cuddly cat which is odd because Maine Coons tend to be more 'hunting cats' than 'lap cats'. This guy loves to get his photo taken too- poser!

I hope you guys have all liked meeting my two wonderful kitties. They are both such a big part of my life so they may pop up on here from time to time :)

Rhiannon xxx

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  1. beautiful kitty! i had a maine coon mix several years ago, and he remains in a very special place in my heart.