Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Velvet - Blog Love E-Course

i have been following the beautiful Elsie and her sister Emma, for nearly a year now (wow!). they are both such a great inspiration for me. and when Elsie announced that she was working on a new e-course for blogs i was so incredibly excited. i promised myself that once i had paid off all my debt i would buy it! however, i was talking to my partner last night and telling him about these cool courses that i wanted to do (there is another one by Alisa Burke that i want to sign up to as well) and he said "well get it then." i told him why i was holding off on it for now and he said "ok, well i will buy it for you since it's something that you think will help you." and that was that. [one of the many reasons i love him is because he wants me to succeed in my dream. even though my dream is still in its early stages and is still being developed, he believes in me.]

so today we bought it and i have spend the best part of the last 2 hours reading through it. i can't believe how much work Elsie has put in it. it really is amazing! its full of good advice, practical tips, and an inside peek to the way she has managed to achieve 30,000+ views a day!

click on the image to read more about the course
i have been feeling quite frustrated with the direction of my blog for a while now and this is exactly what i needed to begin on improving it from the inside out; focusing a lot more on post material and then looking at re-designing it. bottom line is, if your posts are dull and boring no one will want to read it, no matter how pretty it looks!

Rhiannon xxx

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