Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Personalised Organisation

A while ago I did some decoupage for my course. I had received so much great feedback and resources from my tutor but it was all scattered around my room and I could never find anything when I needed it. So i decided to decoupage an old ring binder to store all my resources: Personalised Organisation.

I had an old calendar my partner bought for me about 2 years ago of Victoria Frances art. I kept it because I love her work, but never knew what to do with it. After a lot of measuring and planning, i made a plan of what would go where on the folder.

I used some background texture from the calendar to cover the edges of the folder first and then pasted the main images across the outside of the folder and then moved to the inside of the folder.

I noticed that the front cover edge was quite untidy so I added some thick black ribbon and a small strip of red and black dotted ribbon.

I then covered the whole thing in a varnish and voilĂ ! The result is much nicer than a grotty old ring binger.

Rhiannon xxx

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