Thursday, May 12, 2011

fire red

in the last five years i have done quite a bit to my hair. i used to have quite long hair, then one day i got sick of it always being frizzy so i got it cut to shoulder length, then i kept getting it cut shorter until the longest part was the length of my index finger.
i have gone from black hair to red, to super red, to red & black, to purple.

this is the brightest red i have ever had (but i want brighter)

super short - now i see it, i don't like it. but im still glad i did it :)

i like this length the best

at the end of last year i decided that i wanted to grow my hair out and find out what colour it actually is now. [maybe its part of the whole growing up thing- becoming more mature and sensible: ha!] as i have seen the colour come through, i have decided i much prefer my firey red hair. it's so much more interesting and fun. my natural colour is quite a mousey brown, with a few light brown specks but relatively boring (in my opinion).

im going to go for something more like this

my bestest friend is a great hairdresser so she will be helping me do it at home in the next few while researching what bleach to use and dye, i remembered a fantastic set of posts that one of my favourite bloggers did a few weeks ago. The lovely Kaylah of  The Dainty Squid.

i would consider this Kaylah to be the guru of hair dyeing/bleaching. she has done every colour under the sun and has spend years experimenting with different products. in her three posts she gives us the best of what she has learnt, the how to's, the care tips.
make sure you check out her posts

Thats all from me today

Rhiannon xxx

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