Tuesday, March 01, 2011

book review #1 (Jan 2011)

i don't usually go for memoirs or autobiography's but this one sounded interesting; im usually a crime/thriller chaser. but when quentin tarantino was mentioned in the blurb, i figured ... this could be good. i was expecting a predictable tale of small town girl to goes from rags to riches; it wasn't.

to give you all an idea of what the book is about here is a summary:

"Bella knew there must be more to life than a series of casual jobs working for increasingly freakish bosses and drinking tea in her Glebe kitchen each night. An actor by trade, she scraped together enough money for a one-way ticket to the Big Apple, enrolling on impulse in the prestigious Strasberg Institute. What life in New York city would offer her she could never have predicted...sometimes ugly, mostly poverty-stricken but always exhilarating, Bella embraced the roller coaster ride. This is the story of how Bella took on New York - her brilliant love affair that turned sour, the friends she made, her acting and her studies and day to day life in that fabulous town. For most of us this is a dream but for Bella it's her life, and she writes about it with passion but also surprise at where she has let life take her."

once i started reading this book i was absolutely hooked. after discovering her new zealand origins, it felt like reading about someone i knew. it felt a lot more real; it wasn't some hollywood story that i had no connection to.

i found this book to be enticing, exciting and addictive. it was quite an easy read though (nothing wrong with that). there were a lot of parts that im sure many many people could relate to from depression to abusive relationships.

i found it really interesting getting an inside look to the place she studied acting, Strasberg. i had always envisioned lots of "actors" just making it up as they went along (you will have to excuse my ignorance on this). it was so captivating to read how much training is required, but more so the kinds of training they did. a lot was training your mind to be able to feel the character as you act it. for bella, this training helped her with her whole life, not just becoming a better actor.

also in the book is one of her closest friends, zoe bell, a kiwi born stunt woman who was in the quentin tarantino movie "deathproof". which by the way was an awesome movie (but i think planet terror was the better one out of the two grindhouse series)

one word to sum up this book is honest. she doesn't hold much back which made it a very intriguing read. i really enjoyed it!

i give it 4/5

Rhiannon xxx

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