Friday, February 18, 2011

Winner of OWOH

firstly i want to thank every single person who commented on my blog. i hope you all enjoyed what i have created here and will stick around to see what else there is to come. through this event, i have found some fantastic blogs and i am so glad i participated.

i'm all excited about sending these two lovely plushies to a new owner! and because i am so excited i have decided to add in a little something extra (just because i can). there will be some postcard sized prints of my photography added to the prize - yay! before i send it all off i will upload a photo so you can see the added extras.

so without further adieu *drum roll please* the winner is.....the third person to post a comment

Michelle from Lost Coast Post

CONGRATULATIONS!!! i will be emailing you today to get your address so i can send these lovely little guys over to you.

and a massive thank you again to everyone who commented - i wish i could give you all a prize!

Rhiannon xxx

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