Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 art work so far & #5 feedback

i got my first feedback from my awesome tutor for 2011 and all is good. some great inspiration, artist, thoughts and suggestions. i am doing great when it comes to getting the completed work finished, im just not doing well with the time logs. it is still crazy busy (and utterly drained- this is supposed to be my quiet time at work :s)

its been a slow start to the year so far it terms of doing my course work and getting back into all things arty. so i thought i would share a few of my latest exercises and completed pieces.

didn't really like this one too much - had to make marks with indian ink and then draw a face ontop.

different kinds of shading with notes

quick life drawing sketches focusing on highlights and shadows only. no lines

i quite liked this one so i took a photo fton another angle :)

again, more life drawing sketches - 20 sec to get line and shadow

learning to blend chalk pastels

warm up exercsie using pointalism, hatching + crosshatching

focusing on a small section rather than the whole image

drawing the above section focusing on tone

another exercise on tone. dividing up an image into a grid and.....

....painting the overall tone from each square.
I have done a bit more since so will post that another day.
Rhiannon xxx

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