Saturday, March 12, 2011

book review # 2 (Feb 2011)

I have already finished 2 books since my last review so i'm actually ahead of my goal (yay!)

It's a story about forensic psychologist Megan Rhys who is researching the abnormaly high suicide rate in Victorian Balsall Gate jail in Birmingham (England). While she is there, another death occurs. The police automatically assume suicide by overdose and are totally uninterested in any other explanation. But Megan has her suspicions - Carl Kelly died in agony which doesn't fit with a heroin overdose. She starts to investigate without help from the police. She begins to unearth disturbing facts that ends up linking someone who has become close to her to the death of Carl Kelly.

This was a quick, fast paced read. I wouldn't say that it has lots of unexpected twists but i wouldn't say it was predictable either. While investigating the death, she finds herself falling for someone and struggles to justify her feelings.

I give it 3.5/5

Rhiannon xxx

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