Friday, January 07, 2011

A day of photos

my awesome man and i went on a photo mission today. both with camera in hand, we went to mt eden and takapuna to see what we could find. i am so happy with the photos i got so i thought i would share a few:

curves edited in photoshop.
taken at candyman shop in mt eden.

curves edited in photoshop.
candyman shop - absolutely amazing. its like walking into a mini willy wonka shop.

curves edited in photoshop.
a beautiful house in mt eden.

curves edited in photoshop.
some beautiful purple flowers growing on a ciff in takapuna

unedited photos.
i love bumblebees!!
as you can probably tell, i have a think for editing the curves at the moment to give photos a bit of more interesting look (vintage/retro). i have missed using photoshop so much. i spent about 3 hours today playing around with the photos.

i am also doing really well with my 365 project. i am loving it so far, simply because it is forcing me to take my camera everywhere (and getting over the feeling of looking like a tourist in my own city!). it also opens your eves a lot more. i have found myself looking at 'ordinary' items at different angles and seeing if it would make a good photo. loving it!!

i go back to work on monday (2 more days of holiday left) so i will be going to the library and picking out my book for the month on monday. i have also done really well with my daily diary doodles/writing, its great to keep a record of what you did each day. my memory is so terrible!

Rhiannon xxx

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