Thursday, January 06, 2011

17 goals for 2011

ok, i know im a bit late with the whole new years resolutions thing but i wanted to take my time and make sure i had a really good think about what i want out of this year. im still not sure i have completely figured out what i want but im getting there. i think i have quite a bit of soul searching to do when it comes to my job, starting a career etc... scary stuff!!
i have spent the last day or two reading over everyones 2011 goals/resolutions as well as their achievements in 2010. i love the idea of achievements but to be totally honest i have a terrible memory and would probably end up with a very short list containing the last 3 months so im focusing in 2011. there is something quite nice about a new year. it feels like a fresh start. im sure i will keep adding to this list as the year goes on but for now this is what i have:
  1. read at least 1 novel a month (minimum of 12 by end of dec & i will do a short review on it each month)
  2. take part in an online class (or more than one)
  3. take part in the sketchbook project
  4. complete my foundation course at TLC
  5. learn more about fashion and what best suits my body (followed by updating my very dull wardrobe)
  6. take a yoga class
  7. use my new swiss ball to stretch at least 3 times a week
  8. teach myself more about water colouring
  9. attend Dr Sketchy each month
  10. start and maintain a flickr account + join a group or two
  11. redesign my blog
  12. write/draw/paint/doodle/stick something on every single page, each day, in my 2011 moleskine diary
  13. get my full drivers license **this is the most scary of all my goals. i get really anxious about tests.
  14. walk over rangitoto island
  15. participate in AMLP (sign ups end 31st March 2011)
  16. complete the 365 challenge (posting all images on flickr-i need to do a bit of catch up on this as i only decided today to do it)
  17. go to Matakana farmer markets
i want as many of my goals to be very precise so that i know when i have achieved them. I don't like ambiguous goals (at least for me) as i can't measure if i have achieved it or not. the only ones that are quite ambiguous is 5 & 8. but i have a clear idea in my head how im going to do them.

i am going to spend the rest of today doing my last tidy up at home and then i want to finish off designing my blog and update with more buttons & links.

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