Monday, January 10, 2011

Book 1 & 2

i made a quick trip to the local library tonight (late night) and picked a random isle to walk down and immediately found a book that looked interesting. I then turned around to leave and saw another one!

Biting the big apple - Bella Vendramini

This was a totally random pick for me. and yes, i did judge the book by its cover. don't tell me you never have. i have a huge love for traveling, all kinds of traveling. i travelled a lot when i was younger with my parents and since i have been living in NZ i have compiled a long list of places i want to go to. New York is one of them. this book is a biography about a new zealand born, australian raised actress who takes a giant leap and moves to the big apple to persue her acting dream. she even meets quentin tarantino!

Life on air: revised and updated edition - David Attenborough

I'm really looking forward to reading this autobiography "life on air". i have always had a deep love for david attenborough and the work he has done. i watch planet earth at least once a week- obsessed? maybe. it's a pretty big book too (a whopping 405 pages) so its a bit of daunting pick for the first one of the year but none the less it should be a fantastic read.

From the inside cover- "When 26, he applied for a job in the BBC- which then meant radio- and was promptly turned down. But someone saw his rejection application and asked, would he like to try television? He would, and almost sixty years later he is still at it."

Our internet has been capped so the Monday fabulous photography will be a day late.
Rhiannon xxx


  1. I love David Attenborough too!

    Sometimes the random books turn out to be the most interesting.

  2. I know - i was so excited to see the book. and DUUHH me, i forgot to bring it into work to start reading at lunch :P