Tuesday, October 19, 2010

exhibition & paint

i went to erica's preview evening at the letham gallery in ponsonby on friday titled 'edges'. her work really is astonishing. i am amazed that anyone has that much patience to be able to meticulously hand cut each individual paper to create the individual layers. it was really interesting to see how white paper, a careful hand and an imagination could create something so spectacular. a few of her pieces were so detailed that the furthest back layer of buildings had tiny windows cut out. after seeing a couple of her works, i think i can safely say that she will not want to see another feather again! it really is amazing, and something you should see in person to appreciate. pop up to the lethan gallery if you get time, her work will be up until 7th november.

i noticed that whenever i go to an exhibition, i always end up trying to see how the artist made their pieces and what materials they used. i end up sticking my face so close to the work (very bad etiquette) that i end up looking pretty strange to anyone else trying to get a look at the same piece. i cant help it though, i have to know.

i bought some golden fluid acrylics on friday too - expensive little bottles!! i'm still undecided if i like them or not. i kept finding myself going back to the heavy body acrylics. i think they will be good for bases and light coats when your looking for a lighter feel.
i have also got a taster pack of golden open acrylics which are brand new. they are still acrylics but act a bit more like oils, meaning that they take much longer to dry so mixing is much easier and a more fluid. so i will give them a go this week too.

I can feel a migraine coming on so im going to leave it there for tonight
Rhiannon xxx

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