Wednesday, October 13, 2010

october art work

i ended up taking two weeks off over the holidays, which was a nice break. but here is what i have been up to so far this month.

a colour collage to tap back into my creativity after my break

experimenting with typography & colouring

watercolour trees


experimenting with typography - making the shape of the letters suit what your saying

A bit of research on planes

typography reference

i am loving playing around with text at the moment
i have been really interested in typography the last week or two but im not sure where i want to take it yet so i will keeep on doodling and looking into it.

im going to an exhibition by a friend of a friend on friday who happens to be Erika Lack who makes these.

amazing right? so i get to go and see these in person on friday - excited!

Rhiannon xxx

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