Wednesday, October 27, 2010


until i started looking for illustration examples i didnt realise that i had already surounded myself with heaps; so here are my three most favourite illustrators of all time.

tim burton
i love his careful but free use of line and colour. they are all very simple and remind me a lot of quinten blake (below). he is also the brains behind my favourite moive of all time 'the nightmare before christmas'

jhonen vasquez
he is the creator and mastermind behind the graphic novel 'squee', the comics 'johnny the homicidal maniac' and the animation 'invader zim'. i have been in love with his style and very dark sense of humour (and the macabre content of his comics).

Invader Zim - originally on Nickelodeon

johnny the homicidal maniac

johnny the homicidal maniac comic cover
quentin blake
i have been in love with these illustrations since before i can remember. i was bought up with the fantastic roald dahl and quentin blake hybrid and i still love it to this day.

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