Monday, September 06, 2010

Early rising

**My laptop decided it would be a good time to die on Monday last week so I haven't been able to do the work I wanted to on the computer. Those photos of the cute little nature trail will be delayed a wee bit as the photos are on the dead laptops hard drive. My new laptop should be arriving in 2 weeks**

On the weekend I didn't manage to do very much at all. It was quite unproductive in every sense of the word, but i did read this interesting blog . One of the posts was on getting up early in the morning. I thought, it might be worth a try (as much as it might kill me) so there I was at 6:40am with lunch already made, breakfast been eaten, coffee in hand, a lovely photo from this morning and quite a sense of accomplishment. I still had another 30mins until I had to leave for work. Proves that there is magic at sunrise....

My road at 6:15am...
Time to get back into it - and whenever lacking in motivation; inspiration is a good place to start. So tonight I will be creating a inspirational page for Kmye Chan; a lovely french "part-time" artist (she is almost finished her biology degree for her full time job). Check out her deviantart page and her own website. There is something quite magical and enchanting about her work.

Paper Birds by Kmye Chan
Rhiannon xxx

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