Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All or nothing

It has seemed a bit like that recently; all or nothing. Over the weekend it felt like every creative cell in my body had been removed and replaced with frustration. I sat at my desk trying to force myself to do some work but decided after doing very little, to get up and do something else productive (like washing).
But yesterday I couldn't wait to get home and finish something I had half-arse started on Sunday with absoutley no plan for what it was going to be.
After all that work this is what I ended up with:

I was flicking through some old Cosmo & Cleo magazines from years ago and came across this beatiful photo of Scarlett Johansson with a few words that really spoke to me. "...accomplish something more..."

A close up of the wonderful yarn(?) i attached at the bottom of the second board

Some beads & wire i had left over from my amature jewelry making days.
I used: recycled cardboard, gesso, acrylic paint, brown paper, beads, jewelry wire, magazine cut out,  crop-a-dile, eyelets, pliers, graph paper, handmade paper, modpodge...and probably other bits an pieces too that i cant remember :)

I am so happy with how this turned out - it was a good bit of inspiration and experimentation. I do keep reminding myself to shoot for the moon these days, and i keep landing among the stars which is awesome! I try not to get disheartened if something doesn't go to plan (like doing work when i "need" to) and to not get stressed out over it, which i am prone to.

Lastly I thought I would share something that I know has been floating around cyberspace for quite a while now, but i came across agian today. It makes you appreciate what you have and how big the world really is (not to mention that it is totaly amazing design and typography!!)

Rhiannon xxx

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