Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is art to you?

I have managed to do quite a lot in the last few days which I'm really glad about. It's a good start to the catch up! I have managed to do some good sketches, and some great art journal pages. I have been using art journaling this week to try and deal with recent events and because of this I won't be posting them as they are too personal but here are some of the others I have done:

 I experimented with sewing onto a page and adding fabric. Using a sewing machine was awkward and not an easy task but the hand sewing worked quite well.

The next page I want to do is

"What is art to me"

I believe that finding your niche in art is about as hard as it is to work out who you are as a person.

From when I was young, the word art was used to describe realistic paintings and drawings. The spectacular oil painting of a picture perfect landscape was art. What I am coming to realise now is that art doesn't have to be prefect. It doesn't have to be made or created by someone famous. You don't have to have an exhibition. You don't have to follow a traditional method.

What I create, at home, is art too

It isn't always pretty, it is not traditional and it is never immaculate. I do not enjoy trying to paint realisic landscapes, or do photo-like drawings. I find it tedious and boring and to be honest I am no good at it anyway. My art is full of feeling and emotion. It is not always happy and joyful, but it is honest, real and raw. It is personal. To me, that is what I believe art is.

I saw a tutorial the other day on making a small canvas book (here) and I'm thinking I might do something similar with the contents based on "What is art to me". This could be one of my Major painting and drawing pieces for course - I will do some planning tomorrow and see if i want to go through with the idea.

That's all for tonight

Rhiannon xxx

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