Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photography journal

I decided a week ago that it would be a good idea to have a separate photography journal. Something that I don't have to worry about getting paint on. So after a trip to get photos developed (something I haven't done in years and do miss doing) I took an old sketchbook I had lying around and began.

Here are the first few pages:

My first cut out page. It is just a developed image stuck onto a normal page. I then cut around the excess paper and sealed the photo with some electrical black tape. On the back I wrote notes on this photo I took a couple of years ago. I liked that it keeps the journal interesting and it doesn't end up looking too much like a book.

Two photos I took down at the ferry wharf near my house. Sunrises and sunsets are always so hard to capture accurately.

Two photos I took using the black and white setting and the flash. I don't like the flash 97% of the time but using it here gave the photo's quite a spooky feeling. They are thought provoking images. The top one almost reminds me of an x-ray.

Water is always a calming element for me. I used to swim a lot when I was younger so being in the water feels like second nature (even though I am probably a terrible swimmer now). The sounds as well as the sights and smells of water, whether its at the beach, at a waterfall or near a pond always, calm me.

An unfinished page on Gal Harpaz who I discovered through the website. He uses polaroids to create "Polarama's" that give such a different feeling than regular photos. There is something much more raw about polaroids that I particularly like. In today's age of 'touchups' and 'sharpening', polaroids offer something real.

Another cut out page with a photo that I took in the local gardens. This photo represents innocence to me. It is pure, clean, untouched and beautiful. I'm really happy with the way it turned out (as you saw in a previous post).
I will leave it at that for today. More work to be posted tomorrow

Rhiannon xxx

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