Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Aria is 20 weeks old

I can't believe she is nearly 5 months old! 

She is starting to giggle, 
to roll over,
to grab anything
...and everything,
to babble (I'm sure she said mama today hehe),
to smile when she sees me,
to hold her own bottle,
to get bored easily,
to sleep the whole night,
to get excited when we go out.

I'm very aware that she won't be a little baby for much longer.
Soon she will start eating solids,
sitting on her own,
telling me stories in her own language,
climbing out of her cot,
getting her first tooth.

Despite all this, she will forever be my baby girl,
no matter how old she gets.

I will always be there for her,
and I will always love her,
no matter what.


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