Monday, February 10, 2014

Aria at 3 weeks

Three weeks into motherhood and I'm feeling pretty much back to my pre-pregnant self. Definitely a testament to how well the birth went and what a good amount of bed rest can do for you. I am in no way rushing to get out every day, or get anything done around the house other than feed Aria and myself and have a shower. 

When people say becoming a parent changes you in the best way possible, they are right! They are also right when they say the first two weeks are hard. You will laugh, cry, feel anxious, feel confident, want to pull your hair out, and then cry a bit more. It's crazy what your body goes through after the birth and you just have to remember that it's all normal and that it will pass. 

So here I am now, Aria asleep in her rocker and a few free moments before she needs feeding again. She is the absolute love of my life and while some days (and nights) are really hard, and I question everything, I know that she's only this tiny once so I'm doing my best to savour every moment. Plus she likes to smile after she's given me a hard time and it makes my heart melt and I all in love all over again =)


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