Monday, June 10, 2013

Art Journal Page #34

#34 - Living Life Artfully

Ihanna's gorgeous blog post sparked the idea for this weeks rather bright and cheerful page. You see, I want to start decorating my art space with my own work (as well as others) so I did this page loosely rather than in my sketchbook, so I can pin it to my board in front of my desk.

Living life artfully

The thing I am most proud about on this page is the lettering. It's something I am not very good  at and don't practice, but with the help of Creative Lettering I gave it a real go. And it turned out pretty awesomely if I do say so myself :) It's not centred but I think I can over look that this time round.

Living life artfully

I used acrylic paint, crayon, gesso, markers & black pen. It was a lot of fun to create because I painted mainly with my fingers and scribbled like a little kid with crayons.  Never underestimate painting like a kid- it can not only unlock creative block, but it can also make for some uninhibited and fresh looking work. It's the mini breakthrough I have needed for the last couple of months. I was stuck in a nasty cycle of 'the same' which was boring me and putting me off doing anything.

Living life artfully 2

I feel like I have my spark back! Wahoo! So now it's time to continue with my Mushroom Project for the rest of the day. Thank you to everyone who helped pick which composition to go with - you all rock! <3 


P.S. My phone has died...again so sorry if your missing me on Instagram (@piercedbeautynz) where I usually share progress shots of my work. I will be back as soon as I get a replacement phone :) 

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