Monday, March 04, 2013

Art Journal Page #23

#23 - Use Green

I read a blog post earlier this year that I ended up thinking about again the other day. It's lead me to come up with this weeks prompt which is of course focused around the colour green. I had quite a few scraps I wanted to use so I cut the houses out of a manila folder and glued down the sewing pattern to add a bit more dimension to the page. The rest was just doodling mindlessly- I seem to be into circles which is sweet because they are super fun to draw. 

Weekly Art Journal page #23 // Use green
It also meant that when I failed miserably at words (three times over) I decided that if I couldn't make any sense with words, I would doodle in circles and I'm so glad I did. That made it complete for me.Weekly Art Journal page #23 // Use green
But my far my favourite part is the recycled "miss who" clothing label and a bit of atlas. It fits perfectly and to me is more of a focal point than the tree!Weekly Art Journal page #23 // Use green
Happy Monday everyone! :)Weekly Art Journal page #23 // Use green

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  1. Thanks for the mention & for letting me know I inspired this awesome journal page! I love monochromatic pages!