Monday, March 11, 2013

52 Weeks of Instax - Week 10

Week 10
Today marks the first day since I was 17 that I haven't had a full time job and because of this I decided to delay my usual Sunday post. I wanted to take a photo on my first day of not working to commemorate it- however I have so far done nothing interesting (go figure). So I instead I took a photo of Spaz sleeping which kind of sums up today. It's stinking hot (the thermometer outside says 31 degrees) and I am slowly cooking inside our house. I refuse to complain though because it won't be long before the sun is replaced with short, cold days- yes Winter; I know you are on your way. I did pop to the local library for the though and came across this really odd, but rather interesting cylindrical sculpture (but didn't have my camera on me). I love it! 
Dillon was helping me write lots of lists today though. And by 'help' of course I mean chase the pen around the room and then plop his cute little self on the paper. Very helpful hehe.

My art journal page will be a day late too of course so stay tuned for that tomorrow :)


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