Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things I love #22

After yesterdays (rather serious) post I thought I would do a fun one today and just share a few things I am currently loving.
 These boots make me so happy I can barely contain my excitement! And I have a pair of these coming my way for my birthday in April~ yay!!

I think this painting by Juliana Coles is awesome! I love her style- check out more of her work here

It's almost like this was made for me because lets be honest, we all know its true! Made by Sometimes I Swirl on Etsy

I am in absolute love with this post by Alisa Burke~ it's a little peek into her latest class (which I am dying wanting to buy!) on painting Larger Than Life.

The two images above are a perfect example why I think Corey-Marie is such a super amazing woman! Go and read the full post here..you really should, it's great advice. Especially for those of us who may need extra reminding!


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