Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts

I don't really celebrate valentines day myself but it is a good excuse to make something (anything) in the shape of a heart- cookies, cards, paintings, madalas, necklaces...all sorts. And who doesn't like things in a shape of a heart. I have been swimming in blog posts by other bloggers about Valentines day this, that and the other thing. But I want to simplify it a bit today and remove the focus on love and just focus on the shape of a heart- its a shape that can represent many different things to many different people.

Alisa Burke never ceases to amaze me with her 'a-peek-inside-my-sketchbook' posts. This one is valentines day themed

 This guest post over on Marissa Moondaughter is fantastic for celebrating International Self-Love day (which was technically yesterday but I'm pretending its today)

Another of Alisas post from a few years ago was creating a healed heart which I am so in love with. I imagine mine to have quite a few stitches and patches. What about you?

This felt heart curtain by Pam Garrison is super cute and isn't just valentines-y

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