Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Watercolour Pan Comparison & Review

I have been on a watercolour buzz recently and I am still riding that wave. I find the translucence and fluidity of watercolours really soothing and calming. I love the simplicity of sitting on the couch in the evening after work and unwinding by painting. Watercolours are also very forgiving which, for some reason, feels like less pressure than acrylics. I play odd mind games with myself, but I think most artists do.

I decided a few weeks back to order two of the watercolour pans that Alisa Burke uses in most of her "peek in my sketchbook" posts. One thing I've noticed in New Zealand is that unless you want to buy professional watercolours at about $11.00+ per 25ml tube from Art shops, there isn't much out there. I have tried the watercolour pans from the $2 shops and they were a complete waste of money. I don't understand how they were even sold as watercolours- they don't transfer any pigment. Anyway, I digress. I decided I would have to turn to Ebay if I wanted to find anything that was cheap but still decent. I ended up getting these two...

After a few weeks of playing around with both there is a very clear winner for me- The Crayola paints.

The colours were bright yet soft, they mixed together beautifully and once dried still held their pigment  I found Simply Art ones are incredibly chalky, dull, and overall disappointing. The most irritating part though is that once the paint had dried, there is a fine layer of chalk dust that brushed off and dirtied up any part of the page that wasn't already painted- like my page of hearts below.

chalky residue

I will keep using them both until they are gone but I won't be replacing the Simply Art ones again.

Do you have any watercolours that you love (or hate)?


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