Monday, January 28, 2013

52 Weeks of Instax ~ Week 4

I must admit that I totally forgot what day it was yesterday. It's a long weekend here in Auckland and for some reason I thought today (Monday) is Sunday. So this weeks Instax is a little bit late but so worth waiting for.Week 4
About a week ago I introduced Dillon and how I came about adopting him [here]. I thought it might be a few weeks until we got to bring him home but we ended up picking him up yesterday morning. So far he has settled in really well- seems like he belonged here all along. In two days he has been here, we've started to figure out what he is like: He is smart! He's already worked out how to get onto the dining room table and catch himself a tasty fly. He is loud. If you leave the room and he realises you're gone, he will cry ridiculously loudly (for a kitten) until you come back. He pants like a dog. We have only seen this once, but it was hilarious! I do have a video to prove it which I will eventually upload. At the moment the little dude is sleeping next to me. It's been a big day of chasing stuff around the room so you can hardly blame him for taking a well deserved nap.

Dillon_28.01.2013 (3) Dillon_28.01.2013 (2) Dillon_28.01.2013 (1)


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