Tuesday, October 02, 2012

September in Photos

September~ you were a month of change, of improvement and new beginnings. You welcomed a new fitness routine that has already made a huge difference in my life. I feel stronger, healthier and happier. When people say that exercise makes you happy- they really aren't making it up! I've know for a long time that in order to manage my depression I need to be active, of course its the actual 'doing' part of that I have struggled with. But with some help from my super awesome fitness buddy, I have rekindled my love for lifting weights and running so I don't see it as 'a necessary evil' any more. I look forward to it each day and it certainly helps having a friend to go with- makes everything more fun! 

What else happened this month:
We have had Sushi come stay with us while our friend is overseas
I have been changing up my daily routine to try be as productive as possible (still working on it!)
I started reading The Happiness Project- I have so much to write about this!
I did my first chalk drawing at the Zoo
I made lots of new food~ I'm in love with what I call 'fancy weekend oatmeal'- banana + shredded coconut + maple syrup *yum!*. As well as broccoli + parmesan fritters & cookie dough bites
I went to Moustache~ a brand new, ridiculously popular milk and cookie bar in Auckland city.
I went to the beach and collected some shells
I wrote a really popular 'how-to' post on making a dream catcher

So quite a lot- and I'm sure I've missed out some other cool things that happened but hardly surprising! I've been rather busy :)

September 2012 In Review
Rhiannon xox


  1. Those cookie dough bites look freakin amazing! I may just have to make those for myself some time.

    1. They were ridiculously amazing and so easy! You must =D