Monday, September 17, 2012

Art Journal #14 [+ Cookie Dough Bites]

Where did last week go? o_O

Seriously, it was Monday and now it's Monday again- I have been so busy that I have hardly been getting enough sleep. So in all honesty I don't have any art journal page to share today. 

But what I thought I would do instead is share a couple of instagram photos of a painting that I have been working on. Hopefully this will tie-over all you creative folk reading while I try and scramble back in control of my time and bring you more posts this week.
I pulled a card out of my oracle deck two Saturdays ago and this is what I was presented with. I thought it was pretty spot on for that day. To me it meant that I needed to spend time alone. I needed to slow down, take a breath and think about where I am at the moment, where I want to be and all that other stuff in between. I've been so busy recently that I was forgetting what it was like to just be alone. So I decided that I would spend this day doing a painting of this card.
She isn't finished yet (obviously) but I quite like how she is turning out so far. I need to get it finished this weekend- I don't want to add to my 'not quite finished' pile.

P.S. I made Cookie Dough Bites that weekend too~ DELICIOUS!!!

Rhiannon xxoxx

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