Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Art Journal Page #9

#9~ Make a page without any of my own writing

A bit of an unusual idea, but it was pushing myself to get oustide my comfort zone. Ever since I can remember my art has had words in it. Many years ago they were angry words but more recent times have meant positive and motivating words. The hardest part of this is that I can't accentuate my visual message. I have to solely rely on colours, shapes and placement.

Art Journal Page #9

I ended up with a strange combination of cool and warm colours which was pretty much how I was feeling that day. The whole page was based on emotion and feeling. I then layered a bit of glitter paint (I love glitter paint but sadly it doesn't seem to photograph very well).

Art Journal Page #9

Then I ripped out a  square from a hairdressing promotional booklet and pasted it in the middle. I used indian ink to sketch a heart  and then used a blue/grey paint to cover the remainder of the paper. I went over the heart a few more times with indian ink until only those words were visible.

Art Journal Page #9

I love how this turned out although I have had to fight the growing urge to scribble a whole load of writing on it. It still feels empty but it's a good lesson in simplicity (and restraint haha)

Glitter Paint
Cheap paint
Hairdresser Promotional Booklet
Indian Ink
PVA Glue

Oh and look....
spaz Look who came and kept me company outside while taking photos on the weekend =)

Rhiannon xxoxx

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