Monday, August 20, 2012

Art Journal #10

#10~ Take inspiration from nature

I had one of those weeks last week. Every day I was feeling more and more crappy~ must be the change of season approaching. I was sick on Monday, had a headache & light-headedness on & off for the rest of the week and on Saturday was hit with a big fat migraine! So I wasn't feeling up to doing anything that involved mess. I wanted to be able to cuddle up on the couch, feel a bit sorry for myself, and doodle away. So I did, and while I took the inspiration from nature it was more from the abundance of jungle and rainforest books Dan and I own than actually going outside and being around nature (although after rainstorms like this it wasn't exactly great weather for nature walks). is what I did:

Art Journal #10 Art Journal #10 Art Journal #10 Art Journal #10 Art Journal #10

This page ended up being influenced quite a lot by Alisa Burke's 'peek in my sketchbook' posts. The curly, organic doodles were perfect for what I wanted to achieve. It was an incredibly therapeutic page to work on, and reminded me of why I love my art journal so much. I decided not to finish colouring it though because I actually really like the contrasting black and white with bursts of colour. P.S. Check out this amazing post on 'the art of collecting' which is a snippet out of her Ode to Nature class. I really want to do the class during summer so will be trying to save to buy it in a month or two.

Black Pen- waterproof
Cheap Watercolours

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