Thursday, August 16, 2012

35mm film // Wide Angle Camera

If you have been following my blog for a while, you'll remember that last year I bought two new cameras- a Polaroid and a Wide-Angle camera. I was soooo excited to get them but it took me ages to get a roll of film, and then another giant stretch of time to actually take the photos, and then a bit longer to get it developed. Nearly a year all up in fact~ talk about taking my time haha.

I did eventually get it developed and here are the more successful ones-

Wide-Angle Lens Camera Wide-Angle Lens Camera Wide-Angle Lens Camera Wide-Angle Lens Camera 
This two photos above with red/orange tinge on the sides are the result of opening the back of the camera without rewinding the film first *doh*. But what do you know- it actually looks pretty awesome!Wide-Angle Lens Camera Wide-Angle Lens Camera
Can you believe that the two photos above is the view our friends have from their house in Huia? Just gorgeous!

It's such a shame that the cost of using this camera will prevent me from using it as much as I want to (it cost just over $40 for the film & developing. That's about USD$32), but it's almost a blessing in disguise. Having to make one roll of film last so long means that I forget what I have photographed and when I do get round to developing the roll, I get a fabulous surprise. I get to relive the day/s it was taken and reminisce in those memories.

I want to try and take at least two rolls of film (different kinds) over Summer this year though- fill one up every 5-6 weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations for brand to try or where to buy them online?

Rhiannon xxoxx  

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