Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Want to be friends on Facebook?

Three Tall Poppies has it's own Facebook page- yay!! 

I love utilising this page to share wondrous links that I discover daily. I will also be doing a give away once I reach 50 'likes' - so only 20 more to go. This give away will be open to anyone, from anywhere in the world and all the details will be revealed once we hit 50. So make sure you pop over and say hi! I love to hear from my awesome readers.

If you don't know what to say over on Facebook or are a bit shy; tell me your favourite thing from today! Did you try a new recipe which turned out to be delicious (this is what I did) or snap an awesome photo, or re-discover something you thought you had lost?

Rhiannon xxoxx

P.S. this is my 200th post!! Wow! That's a lot of writing and photos- I feel a 'best of' coming up soon! What has been your favourite post?

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