Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 in Photos - #1

Already this year is flying by! Nearly at March you say? CRAZY!

I wanted to do a quick little post on my year so far through phone photos. I take so many throughout the weeks and never do much with them. It's a really good way to get little snapshots that you might miss if you have to dig out your big, bulky camera. I want to do one of these every few weeks :)

1_Tillie & Zeusbamboo plant & sucullentsMiss Q-Cider2_ pancakes3_taka beach4_flowers. titirangi markets5_titirangi markets6_huia beachauckland zoobento boxginger beer ice bar

How has your year been so far? What have you been getting up to? 

I have been such a busy lady this year but I am really happy with what I am getting accomplished.

So much is going to happen this year.

So many changes. So many new, exciting and scary things to experience.

I am going to make it all happen!

I am responsible for my own future and my own happiness and nothing will get in my way. You wait and see   ^_^

Rhiannon xxx

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