Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lists, lists, lists...and 2012 planning

I am feeling rather rested after my first three official days off from work; but also overwhelmed. I love being able to plan for next year, but I've realised that I've already made a photo challenge list for Jan, thought of over 70 things to do in 2012, made a list of places and things to do for date nights with Dan, a list of improvements I want to do with my blog, posts I want to write and also beginning planning my etsy shop and everything that goes with that... *gasps for breath*. Thats a lot of lists; which means a lot of things to do.
Wednesday morning at starbucks with a notebook and my laptop
Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited. I get goosebumps when I start thinking about all these things I'm going to accomplish. But my brain is obviously done with lists for now so I decided that it was time to take a break this afternoon and try a tutorial that Natty Malik shared which is how to make a simple visual journal. This is something I had on my 'to-do in 2012' list - I think I might be sneaky and keep it on the list and cross it off in Jan hehehe. It is the easiest tutorial I have ever come across so make sure you check it out :)
My first stitched journal using an old map book
I used an old map book and embroidery thread to make this book.
My first stitched journal using an old map book
I am pretty happy with the outcome and am going to make a few more with different papers, weights and sizes. I have always wanted a small square visual journal so that will go onto my list for things to make.

P.S. I have been smoke-free for a week now. YAY!!

Rhiannon xxx

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