Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas gifts & a lot of desert & kittens

I just wanted to drop by briefly and say that I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and Santa spoilt you with all you dreamed for and more.

This year I really wanted to try and give wonderful gifts without drowning myself in debt. I didn't spend as much as I have in the past which is great, and I did this by making a giant batch of Oreo Truffles (I will be doing an individual post on these soon - but I can tell you they are addictive and self control is a must when making them) and buying a additional side present that was more individual to the person. I also wanted to try and spend a bit more time on the packaging this year and I took huge inspiration from Alisa Burke's 'Holiday wrapping with paper bags' blog post. Here is what I came up with =)

2011-12-23 14.46.06
Our day included a lunch with Dan's family and then dinner with my family - both meals had pavlova and I ate a giant piece each time. Check out my mum's amazing pav! Y

Oh and say hello to the two latest (and last) kittens to join our family. Max (the black boy) is my little man and Sushi (the tabby girl) is my flatmates. It feels like a mad house here sometimes with kittens getting under you feet and changing three litter boxes, twice a day; but they are so unbelievably gorgeous and loving it's so worth it. They do the cutest brother and sister things like sleeping next to each other and cleaning each other. Adorable!

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I will be popping in and out over the next two weeks while I enjoy the New Zealand summer and do background work for the coming year. I wish you all a safe and fun holiday! Y

Oh and have you noticed a few changes around here? What do you think of them- I want something fresh for 2012.

Rhiannon xxx

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