Monday, November 21, 2011

Shoes, Party, Books, Hair & Kitties

The last few days have been a whirlwind of new and exciting things; I bought some awesome shoes, had my hair re-dyed by my best friend, organised  a fantastic 30th party for Dan, picked up Tillie and had my Goddess Leonie book arrive. Let's break that down into bite sized pieces shall we?

1) New Shoes
Check out my sweet new Nike shoes. I originally wanted the black ones but because it was sale day, they had already sold out of my huge size (I'm a women's US11). I am actually really happy with these though. I don't really intend to use them for running, they just looked so comfortable and I wanted to some decent walking shoes.

New Nike ShoesNew Nike ShoesNew Nike Shoes

2) New Hair
Yet again, I have changed my hair. People have worked out I change it (on average) about once every 7 weeks. I guess it's so much easier when your best friend is an amazing hairdresser *(hi Corey!)* This what what we had intended to do the first time round, but I messed up the dye so it was delayed until last Friday. What do you think?

it's me all dressed up

3) Dan's 30th Birthday
My partners birthday was on Saturday and I had organised for us to have a party at a place in town. Corey and I spent most of the afternoon decorating the bar and putting 70+ pictures of Dan on the walls, all in different stages in his life so far. Side note: We were going to blow up 100 balloons but after finding three with holes in them, and one exploding in Corey's face we decided that pictures would be enough haha. Here are a few pictures from that night.

4) Tillie!
On Sunday morning we went and picked up our little tiny lady and bought her home. After 10 minutes of being a bit skeptical of her new environment, she was running around and giving me lots of cuddles. She seems like an absolute sweetheart and I can't wait to get to know her better. She seems happy with us though so that's good. I still believe cats pick you, not the other way around. I took a short video of her today when I got home from work.


5) Newest book by Goddess Leonie
Most blogger's out there know who Goddess Leonie is (and if you don't, head on over and say hi!.She is amazing!) A few weeks ago she self-published another book and when she announced it was for sale, I was having the kind of week where I thought "Oh man, I really wish I had that book right now..."  so I did an impulse buy. I have only had a chance to flick through it so far but I can already tell I will be referring back to it repetitively until all the pages are dog-eared and I have made notes throughout. However that is exactly what the book is for!

Whats exciting things have you been up to recently?

Rhiannon xxx

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