Thursday, October 06, 2011


You may recall a while ago some brief mention of a new treadmill. I have to admit that I haven't used it as much as I wanted to recently, but after a particularly stressful day today I couldn't think of anything better than going home and running my heart out. So that is exactly what I did and I loved every single minute of it.

Meet the Track 6000... a little beauty. I mananged to grab it nearly half price. (Yay!) It has a wide and long belt at 51cm x 140cm. Being the tall girl that I am (6ft), I have a really long stride so I needed to make sure I wasn't going to fly off the end. It has built in fans and speakers and it folds up to keep it a bit more out of the way. I tell you what though, this thing is absoutley massive. It weighs 130kg! We had to move half the house's furniture to get the thing even through the door. It took me, Dan and our flatmate to get it from the car to the house, and even that was a slow struggle.

I am not a pro runner, or even someone who can run for that long. I call myself an amateur runner and a sporadic runner. Sometimes I won't run for weeks, or even months and then the urge to run re-appears and I dig up my trainers and go for it.

I have discovered some really great posts on running that I thought I would share incase there are any other sporadic/amateur runners out there who need that extra bit of motivation.
The most influential blog posts I have come across though, all originate from one place - (neverhome)maker.

These two have created an goldmine of really useful running posts that range from 'How to run' to 'Treadmill Survival Guide' to 'How to suit up to set out'. Both Ashley and Stephen are marathon runners so you need to make sure that you don't start thinking "if I can't run like they can, then what's the point". I am going to be honest with you; I cannot run far. Not far and not for long (sometimes a 10 minute straight run is too hard).

I have never been about distance or time; I much prefer speed, in fact I love sprinting! I don't spend much time focusing on any stats, but I'm not trying to prepare for a marathon either. Pretty much do whatever feels right for you. As Nike says: "Just do it!" The hardest part is getting yourself out the door (or on the treadmill), once you begin you wonder why you didn't get out sooner.

Rhiannon xxx

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