Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Going blonde!!

I have a confession to make; my Etsy shop is not ready for launch. In fact it’s nowhere even close. I had so hoped to get it up and running by today but looking back, I was never going to have enough time to prepare everything I wanted to. With this house buying process in full swing, I have been so busy (and tired) organising everything that I haven't been able to focus properly on preparing for my shop. I feel quite disappointed though; I absolutely hate not meeting deadlines. Especially ones I make for myself. So I have decided that for now I will keep chugging away behind the scenes, take it as it comes and launch when I am ready. I want to do this properly and not rush it.

On another (much more positive) note, I have changed hair colour again! One of Natty's in the sun prompts a few months ago was Triple Dog Dare. I couldn't work out what I wanted to dare myself to do (that I would actually follow through with) until I thought "Ahhh! I shall dye my hair blonde." I started looking around for what I would want it to look like and I soon realised that Emma's hair (from Food Coma) is perfect.

[courtesy of]
It's a great transition of brown to blonde. One of the reasons I wanted to go blonde was because I need a bit of a break from having to maintain the red colour from month to month. It is an expensive undertaking. Plus with Spring being officially here, I thought it would be a good time to go with something lighter.

Not the best of photo's I have to admit so there will be some better ones coming this weekend but you get the idea :)

Rhiannon xxx


  1. ooh! ha, spring break! i'm really so glad that although warm weather is leaving my world pretty quickly, it's blossoming throughout yours.

  2. Thanks love! It has been pretty awful over here recently though; big thunderstorms, then super humid, then cold again... I can't work out what to wear in the morning anymore haha

  3. Brave! I've always wanted to go they have more fun?

  4. Hey Lucy! Hahaha, I'm not sure about the 'blondes have more fun' saying, I tend to have fun anyway :P
    You should totaly try blonde! Worst case senario; if it doesn't suit or you don't like it you can always grab a box of brown dye and go over it :) xxx

  5. Ah, of all the hair colors I've had in my life I've never gone blonde! Looks good!

  6. I've never been blonde but oooh I so want to! My very-similar-looking-sister recently did it, and it looks so pretty. I'm not sure I can afford it though... perhaps that'll be my 2012 goal.

  7. Thanks Joy :)

    Hey Alice, I'm just going to be rolling with the re-growth thats brown hehe. I can't afford to maintain it fully blond all the time :P xx