Tuesday, August 09, 2011

365 Project - week 31

214/365 - I catch the ferry each morning to get to work and I am always impressed at how many people cycle down to the ferry (instead of driving)
215/365 - It was my dad's birthday on 3rd August so me and Dan went out for dinner with the rest of my family. We went to a cute little Greek restaurant - the food was delicious. This is me and Dan x
216/365 - I'm still loving the shatter nail polish :)
217/365 - Because it is winter here, I very rarely sit out the back of the house but Saturday was pleasant enough to sit out the back for a while. My partner and flatmate love plants (mainly cactus & succulents) so out back "garden" is full of them.

218/365 - Now this plant just totally weirded me out so thought I should take a photo hehe
219/365 - The mess of colour I made whilst making some new art journal pages
220/365 - I got a nice little picture of Spaz last night while she was keeping me company (and warm) as I'm sick at the moment

Rhiannon xxx

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  1. Ah so cute! That pic of you and Dan is really nice. You look like a supermodel. :P