Thursday, July 21, 2011

365 Project Update

I haven't been very good with this project the last few months. My motivation had pretty much gone, but after seeing Ingrid take on the one photo a day for a month challenge here and here; I was re-inspired. It's not that I wasn't taking photos; it was the editing, organising and uploading of them that was the problem. I am quite notorious for not finishing projects and it is something I am very much aware of. However I am refusing to let this become one of those 'never quite finished' projects.

When I was overseas I had a lot of time to plan, think and explore what is important to me with my blog and my art/projects. I came to the conclusion that this is a project I really want to finish. At the end of the year, I want to get a large print of all 365 images and frame it. This is my end goal. If I keep this in my head all the time, it should make it easier to complete.

So I spent most of last night getting right up to date - we are now at day 201 [where has the year gone??] I thought you might like a look at the most recent ones.

365 Project (July)

My plan to keep going and finish this project:

  1. Put a reminder on my phone each day so I don't forget to take a photo.
  2. I will be using the camera on my phone for a majority of the photos. My other camera is just too big to take with me to work and home every day and I have enough stuff to carry as it is.
  3. To make a list of things to photograph so I don't get stuck for ideas.
  4. I have joined the official 365 project group so now I can keep inspired by looking at others photos for each day. I won't be uploading them to this site though, I will keep it on flickr.
  5. One day a week, do a blog post of the last 7 days worth of photos.

What projects are you currently working on that you are struggling with?

Have a great Thursday everyone :)

Rhiannon xxx

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  1. yay! i'm so glad you've been re-inspired! it's so satisfying to finish a project, especially if you know you're one to move on to something else in the middle. (like me!) love your tips, and can't wait to see your photos in the coming weeks.