Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet Spaz

I have two amazing cats and I haven't really mentioned them so far on my blog so I thought it was time for an introduction. Spaz was the first addition to our little family.

After I moved in with my partnerin 2008, I kept saying to him that I wanted to get a kitty. I have always lovedcats but never had one of my own. He wasn’t a big fan of cats but he saidhe would buy me a kitten for Christmas [isn't he sweet].

We went to the SPCA and looked at allthe adorable kittens but nearly immediately I was drawn to this scrawny little tortoise shell thatwas in a cage by herself. She was absolutely tiny but was quite happy attacking a small piece ofnewspaper.  I knew almost instantly thatshe was the one who had to come home with us.

We did a couple of rounds though, looking at the rest of the kitten litters before going to the back to ‘meet’some of them. We went into the first cage to meet the tortoise shell. It was so cute but she couldn't figure out how to use the cat flap. Hilarious! Eventually she managed to get through to come and meet us [with a bit of help from me] andshe started climbing all over me and making the cutest little meows.

That was it for me - I didnt even look at the rest of them.
I knew we belonged together!

It took some time to “kitten proof” the house but after about 2 weeks shehad started to settle down and get comfortable.
Over the years, she has grown a big dislike of beingphotographed. I have lots of cute photos from when she was little but no goodones recently. She just won’t sit still. I'm thinking she is camera shy. I did manage to get one of her today though; she was warming in front of the fire.

She is definitely a mummy's girl; every morning I get about 10 minutes of meowing [demanding cuddles] before she goes outside to patrol her teritory. She is incredibly cuddly when she feels like it but is also very jumpy and gest spooked easily. If you close a door too loudly she will jump a foot into the air.
You will get to meet the man of the house next week :)

Rhiannon xxx