Saturday, June 04, 2011

Friday Feature Artist // Arlen Dean

NOTE: I tried the schedule option for the first time for my Feature Friday Artist post because I wasn't going to have time to get to a computer but obviously something didn’t quite work – might have something to do with the new dashboard for blogger (?). I know they had a few problems with it a while ago but thought it might have been fixed. Oh well, no time like the present for my second FFA.

Introducing Arlen Dean. Arlen is an artist by profession and I came across his work on Flickr about 8 months ago. His attention to fine lines and detail is incredible. He lives in California, USA and is a huge fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) and kickboxing (K-1).

I was captivated by the Japanese feel of his illustrations and the precision of the lines. All of his work is very geometric but still beautiful. Usually I am not a fan of geometric type art but there is something different about Arlen’s work. You can get so lost in each of the pieces by following the individual lines. He has used all sorts of diffferent mediums, and on all sorts of different scales [including one he used a microscope to create]

MOLEcular Intelligence Page 1 new mini moleskine!



MOLEcular Intelligence Page 1 new mini moleskine!


Visit his Flickr site to see more of his amazing work

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