Friday, May 06, 2011

1,000 Artist Journal Pages - Part 2 coming soon?

As i have said before, my favourite art journal book is 1,000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol. It is jam packed with wonderful journals from people all over the world and is so inspirational to flick through.

And after reading one of Dawns blog posts this morning, she revealed that she is thinking about making a follow up book. But due to the publisher not being very interested in doing a second book, this is something she will have to create mainly on her own and will need support from the blogging community and art journal artists. The main difference compared to the original is that it will most likely be an e-book (with the possibility of it becoming a printed book in time) so to avoid stepping on any ones toes.

This is incredibly exciting news and im thinking of sending in some images of my art journals. I mean; i don't have anything to loose! I have also offered her any help she needs as i think this book would be amazing - i was always hoping a second one might be made.

I wanted do this post to try and spread the word about awesome Dawns idea - so tweet, email or post about this if its something you would like to support or even be involved with.

Visit her original post for more information HERE

Rhiannon xxx

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